The City of Titusville

555 S. Washington Avenue

Titusville, Florida 32796


Marie Englom, CDBG Director

Rich Votapka, City Engineer


Honeycutt & Associates, Inc.

Service Team:

Rodney M. Honeycutt, P.E. (Principal)

G. W. McCulloch, P.E (Proj. Manager)

D. W. Wright, P.L.S. (Project Surveyor)

David J. Pugh, E.I. (Project Engineer)



This City of Titusville road project consisted of three roads and included a MOT plan and Area II stormwater management facility.


Service Dates:

Projected Completion: May 2000


Project Engineering Cost:

Original Budget: $49,985.00

Actual Cost: $51,652.20

The actual cost includes some addition FDOT work not in the original scope.


Project Construction Cost:

Approx. $497,00.00

City of Titusville Roads Projects
Lemon, Coleman, and Mantor Streets Design
Sand Point Park Stormwater Management System pic
Honeycutt & Associates was selected by the City of Titusville to provide design and permitting services for the paving of three existing dirt roads within the City limits. 
US1 Traffic Control Plan drawing
Stormwater management for one street consisted of roadside swales.  This design allowed the curbed street to meet the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) minimum stormwater requirements while keeping cost down.  The stormwater management requirements for the other two streets consisted of extending and enlarging a drainage way (culverts) under U.S. Highway-1 in an area that included a split median.  This made it necessary for the design to include a traffic control plan per the Florida Department of Transportation specification. 
Coleman Street sign
The design included a 1.8-acre water management basin in the City’s Area II Watershed located in Sandpoint Park.  This system outfalls to the Indian River and helps alleviate flooding concerns along the U.S. Highway 1 corridor.  Permitting included Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), SJRWMD and The City of Titusville (COT)